Tested with: Gmail (or Google Apps), Blackberry 8830

Tired of maintaining two or more calendars? Maybe you only keep your calendar on your Blackberry. If so, this tip will backup your calendar to a Gmail (or Google Apps) account. If you use Outlook 2003 or 2007 on your Windows desktop, you could then install Google Sync for Outlook. With both Google Sync for Outlook and Google Sync for Blackberry installed, you can enter something in your Outlook calendar and it will get pushed to your Blackberry in a few minutes. Changing or adding calendar items on the Blackberry also gets pushed back to Outlook.

If you use a Mac (which I recommend), you'll need to use iCal or Mozilla Sunbird. There may be others that support CalDAV, I just haven't tested them yet.

Installing Google Sync for Blackberry

  1. On your Blackberry's browser, visit m.google.com/sync
  2. Click Install NOW
  3. Click Download. The Blackberry will say "Downloading Google Sync"
  4. Once installation is complete, a dialog box will appear.
  5. Click Run to start Google Sync
  6. Enter your Google email address and password
  7. Click "Sync Now" to start syncing
  8. When the sync is complete, click Dismiss. You should still be in the Google Sync for Mobile program. If not, go into your Blackberry Calendar, press the Menu button, then select "Google Sync"
  9. In the Google Sync program, press the Menu button, then select Options
  10. Here you can change options related to syncing. Don't change "When to Sync" (should always by Automatic). You change change the conflict resolution option. For "Sync Events for next" I recommend 24 weeks.
  11. When done, press the Menu button and select Save

Note that calendar syncing occurs on a schedule (every 10 minutes) and is not a push solution. If you need true push, look into Blackberry Enterprise Server.