iTrip Auto 1034IV1 2.17, Nov 21 2008, 131136

After buying an iTrip AutoPilot at Best Buy on June 11, 2009, I found that the instructions for enabling international mode had changed from what is described in other forums. The old way was to go to the screen with the Griffin logo, then hold down the middle button until the logo turned upside down.

On my model, the way to enable international mode is:

  1. If your screen shows FM, Play/Pause, and Next Track, then press FM
  2. Press Function (middle button)
  3. Press and hold Mode (right button) for 10 seconds. Release Mode button after 10 seconds.
  4. A screen will appear asking you to choose US, EU, or JP. Push one button and then wait a few seconds for the screen to go back to FM, Play/Pause, and Next Track.
  5. You should be able to select a frequency from the country's range you chose.

Country/RegionFrequency RangeFrequency Increment
US (United States)88.1 MHz - 107.9 MHz0.2 MHz
EU (European Union)87.6 MHz - 107.9 MHz0.1 MHz
JP (Japan)76.0 MHz - 90.0 MHz0.1 MHz

Other interesting hidden features of the iTrip AutoPilot:

Show version information:

  1. Press and hold down Function button for 10 seconds. Release and you should see version information similar to what I have in italics at the beginning of this article.

Modify gain:

  1. Press FM if needed.
  2. Press Function
  3. Press Mode. This will bring up a screen with a Griffin logo and allows you to select Stereo/Mono and Smart Sound.
  4. Press and hold the middle button for 10 seconds. Release middle button.
  5. You can now press the middle button to toggle between Frequency and Gain. Gain amount will appear on the screen. You can modify up to level 63 (whatever that means).
  6. To exit, press and hold middle button for 10 seconds and release.

If someone knows what gain is for, please post in the comments.

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